How to Create the Perfect Window Box Display

How to Create the Perfect Window Box Display

If you live in an apartment with a small balcony or you're not particularly green-fingered, a window box or compact display might be the only gardening you can manage. However, that doesn't have to mean that it's a boring garden, as there are plenty of ways you can create interest with a choice of colours and textures in even the smallest of spaces.

Here are some top tips that even someone with no gardening expertise can use to create the perfect window box.

Stay Simple

If you're not sure what colours or varieties will go well together, then you can just stick with one colour or a particular type of plant to make a simple display. The soft shades of baby pink are particularly effective at brightening up a harsh exterior.

Go Mad with Foliage

Trailing plants are ideal for giving your outdoor space a more rustic feel without it looking messy or too cluttered. You can have plants such as trailing ivy or pink geraniums flowing out of containers and hanging baskets or growing up a wrought iron fence or balcony railings,

Be Unique

Use the space you have available in creative ways to give your property a sense of difference. This could be the way you display your containers or the type of items you use as pots; for instance, you can recycle household products, including bottles or boots, rather than sticking to traditional garden items.

If you have space on a window ledge, opt for a shelf with a collection of different styles of pots rather than using a single window box. This creates a different look, and it's easy to switch the display around by changing just one or two pots at a time.

The Bigger the Better

When you're planting in containers, it often looks better if you fill up all the spaces and maximise the room you have. Try to avoid having large holes in between the different plants, and look at including some year-round evergreens so that there's always something of interest.

Find the Right Position

In order for your plants to flourish, you need to ensure the window boxes or containers are in the right position. It's best to find the sunniest spot for most varieties, but there are also plants that prefer a shaded position along a wall or by a wrought iron fence.