How to Create the Perfect Spiral Staircase

How to Create the Perfect Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are an effective way of installing a stairway if the available space is fairly compact. They take up less floor area than a straight set of stairs and can also create a focal point in a property. If you're thinking about using a spiral staircase in your home, what are the important considerations for the style and design, and how can you get the best out of your space?

Why Choose Spiral Stairs?

Spiral stairs can offer you an alternative to standard staircases and provide an attractive feature in your home. There are many design possibilities with these staircases which can make them look stylish and elegant. It's also possible to give them a novelty edge or use creativity through the choice of lighting or materials to create a unique design.

One of the main benefits of spiral stairs is that they enable you to fit them into a space that wouldn't allow for a conventional set. However, you will also need to factor in the width of the treads, which can take up more space than you initially realise.

Considerations with Spiral Stairs

When you're designing a set of spiral stairs, there are some important dimensional aspects that you need to take into consideration. This will ensure that your stairs fit into the available area perfectly and that you choose the most appropriate design for your requirements.

Measure the Height

Before you settle on the final design of your staircase, you need to establish the correct distance between the two floors. It's vital that these are accurate - otherwise you could end up with a staircase that doesn't fit properly. You need to measure from the lower floor to the top of the upper floor and allow for how thick the actual flooring is.

The Available Width

When you're taking measurements for spiral staircases, you also need to understand the width of the area that is available to you. When you're doing so, you have to factor in features such as windows, doors, radiators and other elements which could get in the way or become blocked. If you don't, you could find that you can no longer use a door or see out of a window when the staircase is fitted.

Accessing the Upper Floor

With spiral staircases, the type of opening on the upper level is an important consideration. If the opening is round, you should always fit a spiral set of stars. When the hole is rectangular, square or an 'L' shape, a wider style would be more suitable. Once you've established the type of hole, you need to precisely measure the lengths of the sides or calculate the diameter.

Spiral stairs can give your property a unique look, and there are so many design possibilities that you can create a bespoke style that matches your property's characteristics. It's important to use a specialised manufacturer and installer, as this will ensure you get a professional-looking finish that is strong and durable.