How to Choose the Right Industrial Gates

How to Choose the Right Industrial Gates

Gates provide an additional layer of security and protection for offices and commercial sites. They enable businesses to restrict those vehicles entering and leaving the premises and allow the site to be secured properly out of business hours. However, not all of these gates are the same, and it's important to choose the most appropriate type for your requirements.

Different Types of Gates

Industrial security gates are available with a range of different opening mechanisms. They can have automatic features that are controlled via an intercom system, security booth or key-code method. They can also open and close using different means, such as sliding, telescopic or swing gates.

The type of gate that a business selects will largely depend on the extent of security that they need, the dimensions available for the gate to fit into and the construction of the access road and whether this is on a sloped or level surface. Automatic gates are particularly popular amongst businesses, as they are easy to control. Each of the different opening methods has its own benefits and restrictions.

Benefits of Swing Gates

A swing or hinged type of gate is the easiest and most cost-effective way to have an automatic system installed. They are suitable for a large number of applications, including schools, hospitals, distribution centres and industrial sites. Businesses looking to install these industrial gates will require a space that is as big or bigger than that required for the gate to swing open. This method will only suit level ground, as otherwise the gate will catch when it opens and closes. These gates can be fitted with an arm or a below-ground operation. The latter will look better but require more initial work.

The Use of Sliding Gates

Sliding gates can either have a cantilevered or tracked method of opening. Both of these will require a runback space, which will usually go along a wall or fence. These industrial gates make an efficient use of the space and are particularly suited to larger openings. They offer more protection than swing gates. If the ground is sloping or uneven, a cantilever system can be fitted as it doesn't need a ground track. This method will also be unaffected by any debris, including snow and ice in bad weather, whereas a tracked system needs to be kept clear for efficient operation.

Choosing Telescopic Gates

For sites that don't have a large amount of space around the entrance area, telescopic sliding gates are ideal. They require less space than cantilevered or tracked sliding gates and don't need as much of an area to open as a swing gate does.

By taking the time to assess your specific requirements and decide on the most suitable industrial gate for the individual type of application, you will be able to select the one that best meets your needs. This will provide a more cost-effective solution and enable you to adequately protect your business without inconveniencing employees and visitors.