How Door Canopies Can Bring Benefits to Your Business

How Door Canopies Can Bring Benefits to Your Business

Shops and retail units of all shapes and sizes could benefit from having a front door canopy installed. The structures, manufactured from stainless steel and glass, not only add an attractive finish to your premises, but they also offer protection for customers and staff.

A Focal Feature

When you’re walking down a high street with many different retail units, it’s not always obvious where the entrance to one is. Fitting a door canopy above your entrance gives customers and visitors a focal point when they are coming up to the building. It makes it obvious where the entrance is and also gives the building a more welcoming feel.

Protection from the Elements

There’s nothing worse then trying to do your shopping while battling through the great British weather. Whatever the season, we can still suffer from torrential downpours or strong winds. If you have a front door canopy installed, it gives your customers and staff an extra level of protection from the wind and rain. This additional shelter could give them the time to put their umbrella away or access their keys or money.

A door canopy not only gives protection from the poor weather conditions, but also from strong sunlight. The canopy can prevent the sun from shining directly on to the store’s windows or doors, keeping the building cooler.

Other Locations

Canopies don’t have to be exclusively fitted above front doors. Depending on the size and location of your building, you may have other uses for them as well. This could include fitting a covered canopy walkway that runs between the main building and the car park or installing one above the loading bays.

Built to Last

Even though they are constantly open to the elements, door canopies are manufactured with strength and durability in mind. Once they have been installed correctly, they are extremely safe — minimising the risk of any accidents. They can withstand a great deal of force, including strong winds and heavy snow.


The benefit of having your door canopy custom-built is that it will be designed to suit your style of building and store. This will prevent it looking as if it has simply been added on and will create a better finish. The first impression a customer has of a business could be the difference between making a sale or not.