Have That Holiday Feeling Even When You're Home

Have That Holiday Feeling Even When You're Home

It's not possible to be on holiday all year round, but with a bit of creative thought you can bring some of the same design approaches to your home, so you can get that holiday feeling even when you're back in the UK.

When you're on holiday, it's like a completely different life, and you can do things that you wouldn't normally manage at home, such as lazing by the pool or lingering over your breakfast. However, you don't have to leave all the best bits of your holiday behind when you return. Here are a few ways you can bring some of the elements into your daily life - though it's probably not possible to build a pool in your garden.

Look After Yourself

When you're away you tend to take better care of yourself and the space you're living in - probably because you perceive you have more time. At home make sure you open the curtains when you get up to draw more light into your bedroom, make the bed, enjoy a cup of coffee in a nice dressing gown and tidy up the room before you leave.

Take Time in the Morning

Usually when you get home, mornings mean rushing around getting everyone ready for work and school, but try to slow down and enjoy the mornings as you do on holiday. Find the time to sit and drink your first cup of coffee or tea, listening to the radio, or arrange your balcony design to have somewhere to sit and savour the peace and quiet.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Holidays are all about spending time in the fresh air, such as going for long walks or sitting on the beach, and fitting some of this in when you're back home can make you feel more refreshed. If you don't have much time, this could be as simple as having a drink after work in the garden or fitting a table into your balcony design so you can enjoy your dinner outside in the summer. With a bit of thought, you can turn your outdoor space into a really usable area.

Make Time to Eat

On holiday, dining is much more of a social occasion, so give your dining space a spruce-up and try to fit in an outdoor area if possible. The right lighting can create the perfect ambience, and soft background music will set the scene for a beautiful evening, even if you're dining alone or as a couple.