Great Design Ideas for Small Balconies

Great Design Ideas for Small Balconies


If you want to get more use out of your balcony next year, now is the time to start planning the design and developing your ideas in order to have the perfect outdoor space come the summer. Even if you only have a small balcony, there are plenty of wrought iron balcony designs that will suit your space and create an inspirational outdoor area that you can put to good use.

A Garden Oasis

For those homeowners with green fingers, adding in a variety of flowers and shrubs at different heights and sizes will create the feeling of a suburban garden without taking up too much space. You could also add flower boxes on to the other side of your balcony railing to maximise the amount of floor space. By positioning plants on every side, you can create a garden feeling even with a relatively small balcony.

Choose the Right Furniture

When you're deciding on wrought iron balcony designs, you need to make sure you choose appropriately sized furniture, as otherwise you run the risk of the space feeling too cluttered. For instance, you could opt for a hammock to create a holiday atmosphere, or an L-shaped outdoor sofa would be ideal for fitting into compact corners to give you more seating.

DIY Furniture

You don't have to spend a fortune on purpose-built outdoor furniture, and sometimes DIY creative ideas can be fantastic for smaller spaces, as you can design items to fit into the exact dimensions. This could be as simple as placing rugs and cushions on top of some old crates, which you could even paint or simply leave natural. Alternatively, just a simple cushion is enough to give you a little corner to relax in.

Create Some Privacy

Sometimes balconies in urban locations don't have the amount of privacy that you crave, but you can create your own without taking anything away from the space or the amount of light. For example, you could grow bamboo plants along the railings to give you a natural screen that increases your privacy but can also let light shine through.

Bring the Outside In

Some wrought iron balcony designs are too small to use for sitting on, but that doesn't make them a wasted space. You can fill the area with plenty of bright and colourful flowers and then have a seating area just inside the room so that with the doors open you can still feel like you're outside.

Handy Storage


Balconies look much more cheerful and inviting if you add some colourful cushions, rugs or throws, but these are not designed to be left outside in all weathers, which gives you a problem with storage. Rather than having to bring everything inside every time, why not choose some handy pieces of furniture that also incorporate storage such as a large blanket box that can be used for sitting on as well or a decorative set of drawers that can also work as a table?