Glowing TEstemonial

Glowing TEstemonial

Bradfabs were commissioned to remove two old fire escapes and replace with new.

The first one was completed in January 2014 and the second fire escape in Feb 2014.

The site work was particularly complicated due to the location of the fire escapes, they were wedged between 2 buildings. Each old fire escape took 1-2 days to safely take down and then 3 days to install the new ones.

Each fire escape is now galvanised and sympathetically finished to match the paintwork on each brick building. Each fire escape conforms to building regulations and is weather proofed so will remain rust free for many decades to come!.

Here is what the customer had to say :-

Perseverance Works Freeholders Ltd (PWFL) is a unique company owned and operated by the shareholders and tenants, who together make up a vibrant community of around 400 people running our businesses from the creative hub of Shoreditch, in East London.
As the site owner, we take great pride in our site so when we were required to replace two fire escapes, we needed to find a contractor who shares our ethos and organisational requirements.
After going out into the market and finding limitless fabrication farmers we came across Bradfabs who looked like they might be able to fulfil our requirements.
We were not disappointed; excellent team work, attention to detail and coordination between all involved made manufacture and installation of the replacement structure a highly satisfactory process.
We would use Bradfabs again and can recommend their service to all who want to work with people who care about what they do and how they go about it.
Paul King