Glass Balconies Create the Perfect Contemporary Finish

Glass Balconies Create the Perfect Contemporary Finish

Adding a balcony on to your property can give it the perfect finishing touch, and if you want to have a stunning contemporary design, you should consider investing in a glass structure. Balconies come in many different styles and designs, from compact Juliette balconies through to more decorative examples, so there is a type to suit all spaces and properties.

Glass is becoming a particularly popular choice of material, and here are some of the benefits you could gain by using this for your balcony.

Safety First

One of your initial concerns about the use of a glass balcony railing, especially if you have children, might be how safe it will be. However, glass balustrades and railings can actually be much safer than those constructed from timber, wrought iron or metal, as there are no gaps for them to get trapped in or slip through. A glass balcony is manufactured from solid toughened glass panels, which prevent items falling through and mean that accidents can't happen if the area is used correctly.

Light and Spacious

The beauty of a glass balcony railing is that from a distance it can appear to be an open space, which will boost the feeling of openness within the property and draw more light in. A stunning clear glass reflects the sun's rays so that all you will see is the glistening of the sun. The use of glass panels also makes the balcony seem bigger, which is ideal if you haven't got a large amount of space, and as it attracts the light, you can make more of your time outside.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the joys of having a balcony installed is being able to spend more time outdoors, so you don't want to use a material that requires a substantial amount of maintenance. Therefore, glass is the ideal choice, as it is particularly low-maintenance - it doesn't fade, won't get old, doesn't rot or rust and won't be prone to cracking, as some other materials can be. The glass can easily be kept looking its best by simply washing it using soapy water or a standard glass cleaner.

Glass is certainly not one of the cheapest options for a balcony, but it is exceptionally durable and long-lasting, so you will be making a good investment in your property. When you're choosing to add a balcony on to a home, you are looking to enhance the value, and a glass balcony will definitely do this.