Giving the Outside of Your House a Spring Clean

Giving the Outside of Your House a Spring Clean

Whether you?re looking to put your house on the market or just make the most of the space you have, spring is the perfect time to give the outside of your home some attention. Now that Christmas has long gone and the evenings are getting lighter, there are no more excuses. If you want to get your outside space ready for the warmer weather, what are the areas you should focus on?

Get Painting

The winter weather can have a damaging effect on the outside of a house, especially the paintwork. Now is the perfect time to give these areas a fresh coat of paint and ensure the house looks its best for the rest of the year. Areas to pay particular attention to are the windows and doors, as peeling paintwork can mean that your woodwork isn?t as protected from the elements as it should be. If your brickwork is painted, then any cracks can quickly impact on the overall appearance of your property. This is a fairly time-consuming job, especially if you undertake it yourself. However, when you see the finished work it will be worth it.

As well as painting, you should also look at areas that need to be varnished. These can include decking areas, whether in the garden or on a glass balcony, and fencing, which can all look particularly weathered if it's not looked after correctly. By applying a fresh layer of varnish, you can have things looking their best for the summer season.

Make the Patio Ready for a BBQ

You don?t want to get to the warmer weather and find that the patio?s not in a fit state to host a BBQ party. If you spend time on it now, there?ll be less to do when we do have a nice day. You should give the patio a good clean with a pressure washer to remove all the debris and moss. For any stubborn sections, use a firm bristle brush to sweep away the rubbish. Even if you?ve put your plastic patio table and chairs away for the winter, they?ll still look a bit dirty and dusty when you get them back out. Give them a good clean with a mild detergent when you first get them out.

Make Sure the Space Works

Not all properties are lucky enough to have a decent amount of outdoor space. If you don?t have a spacious garden or are lacking any outdoor area, now is a good time to look at ways of improving this. This could be as easy as creating a small patio area in one corner of the garden, where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine or entertain friends. However, if you have no way of even fitting something this small in, maybe installing a glass balcony would work.

You don?t want to wait for the weather to change before you spend some time on the exterior of your property. Investing in the effort now will enable you to enjoy the nicer weather when it does arrive.