Give Your Home an Edge with a Glass Staircase

Give Your Home an Edge with a Glass Staircase

If you’re looking to give your property a real contemporary edge, then you should look at installing a glass staircase. Technology has advanced considerably to make this more of an option for homeowners. For those researching glass staircases UK suppliers are available who offer a professional service and made-to-measure systems.

A Choice of Styles

One of the advantages of glass is that you’re not restricted to just one style or design. Glass can be used in a number of different ways across a range of staircase styles, including spiral and traditional straight systems. However, by incorporating glass into the design, you can create a contemporary feature that will give your property a wow factor. It will give an elegant look to even the most simple of staircase designs.

Glass is a very versatile material, and you can use it in a way that complements the rest of your property. The staircase can be kept fairly plain, or you could choose to use frosted glass or etch a design into the material. There really is no end to the scope for creativity with glass, and it provides you with the opportunity to create a staircase that is truly unique.

You can combine glass with a variety of other materials to achieve the exact staircase design you want. This works particularly well with both timber and steel, allowing you to design a contemporary style that works within your property.

Why Choose Glass?

When you’re looking at the benefits of glass staircases UK suppliers will be able to showcase the numerous benefits that it will bring to a property.

Glass balustrades are great for giving your home a lighter feel and creating a roomier atmosphere. Any available natural light will reflect off the glass, which can open up other parts of the home by channelling the light into dark spaces. This appearance of more light will help to open up rooms and create the feeling that there is more space.

If you have some amazing views from your property that you want to make the most of, then utilising glass within your staircase design can help with this. Glass doesn’t block off the spaces around the staircase and helps you to maximise the views available. Even if you’re not looking out on to a spectacular landscape, glass is a great way of keeping an eye on the rest of the family and makes the stairs part of the room rather than just a means of getting upstairs.

Safe to Use

One of the concerns many homeowners have regarding glass staircases is the safety issue. The glass that is used in staircase designs is toughened safety glass, which is extremely durable. If it was to break, it would shatter into extremely small pieces rather than sharp shards of glass.

By choosing glass for your staircase, you will be creating a durable system that has a contemporary feel and will look good for many years to come.