Give Your Home a Contemporary Look This Christmas

Give Your Home a Contemporary Look This Christmas

If you fancy changing your Christmas style this year, then there are plenty of ways that you can add a contemporary twist to your traditional festive decorations. Often modern interior decor and furniture won't suit an old-fashioned view of Christmas, but there are lots of creative ideas to give your home the perfect look this year.

Choose Two Colours

Rather than bombarding your home with different festive colours, choose two and have these running throughout the property to create a crisp and modern feel that's not too overpowering. For example, you could go for a festive red and white mixture, which has a minimal look but still has that Christmas feel to it. By keeping things simple, it's easy to continue the look across the whole house, such as having white fairy lights along your iron railings for a balcony decoration that complements the rest of your home.

Contrasting Colours

Often contemporary interiors involve a whole range of bold colours, and you can continue this theme when it comes to introducing your Christmas decorations by bringing in contrasting shades to give the property a fun flavour. This type of style works especially well when the bright colours are emphasised by clean, neutral walls.

It's Not All About Colour

You don't have to go over the top with colour at Christmas if this isn't in keeping with the rest of your decor, and shades of grey can also give you an elegant festive look. For example, choose a simple contemporary tree in a dark grey, add a natural arrangement of twigs with black decorations and then accessorise with textured cushions and throws to make it feel warmer.

Look for Quirky Decorations

Christmas decorations don't have to be traditional and chintzy, and there are lots of modern designs and accessories on the market that can still bring some Christmas cheer to your home. Opt for twinkling fairy lights in tall glass vases arranged around the fireplace, or choose some modern-looking ornaments and hang simple contemporary lights from your iron railings for a balcony that has a modern Christmas look.

Brighten Up Your Home Office

With more people working from home for some or all of the week, you can often miss out on the office decorations and festive spirit. Instead of keeping the same look to your office area, you could buy some decorations to brighten up your workspace, such as a mini-tree for your desk or some simple decorations above your computer or in a window.

Have an Alternative Tree

A real Christmas tree can look and smell beautiful, but you also have to deal with the problem of falling needles and how to dispose of it in the New Year. If you prefer to have an artificial tree but don't want to cheapen the look of your decorations, choose an alternative style, such as a display of long branches tied together into a tree shape that is decorated with a few lights and some minimalist ornaments.