Getting the Best from Your Decking Area

Getting the Best from Your Decking Area

Decking can be a fantastic addition to your garden. It is a quick and effective way of providing a focal point and a dedicated dining or entertaining area. Before you set to work on your decking, there are a number of things that you need to consider to ensure you make the most of the area.

How Will You Use the Space?

It's important before you start planning the design or layout of your decking that you consider how you're going to use the area. You might want somewhere that you can use to eat together as a family, a space for relaxing or an area where you can entertain friends. In order to create a more defined space, you can install an edge to the decking, such as a wall or stainless steel wire balustrades. This will separate it from the rest of the garden and give it the feeling of being an outside room.


You shouldn't use the area that is closest to the house for your decking just because it's convenient without thinking about where the best position actually is. You need to factor in the location of the sun throughout the day, as you don't want to be constantly sitting in the shade or direct sunlight. It's also helpful to consider how open the decking will be to the elements and whether it can be protected from the wind.

Getting the Size Right

When you create your decking, you don't want the area to look out of proportion to the rest of the house. For instance, a deck that takes up most of the garden of a small property would look completely out of place. Think about the ideal amount of space you'd like the decking to cover and how the area can best be used.

Add Interest to Your Garden

Gardens that have a number of levels and sloped areas can be hard to design and maintain. However, installing decking at different heights, with dividing lines such as stainless steel wire balustrades or fencing, can help to create interest in your garden and make the best use of the available space. It will make any sloped sections more usable rather than just having them grassed over.

By taking your time to design the perfect decking for your particular garden, you will have a space that you can use all year round and that enhances the look of your whole property.