Garden Tips You've Probably Never Thought Of

Garden Tips You've Probably Never Thought Of

We all like our gardens to look good, and many of us have hints and tips that we use to make the jobs outside our homes quicker and easier. These could have been passed on for generations and might not always seem possible or real, but even the strangest of methods can result in a beautiful-looking garden with the minimum of hassle.

Here are some of the best hacks that we've found to give your garden a head start this spring so that it's ready for when the warm and sunny weather arrives.

Get the Vacuum Out

Artificial grass is a great way of creating a low-maintenance garden for people who don't have the time to look after real grass or where the growing conditions are not quite right. It's easy to look after, and it looks good if you use steel fabricators to install an outdoor staircase in the garden, as there is no need to try to trim neatly around the edges.

A quick way to remove the leaves and dirt that have built up over the winter is to use your vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you wait until the grass is dry before doing so, but this is much quicker than using a broom or rake.

Effective Insulation

If you have pots on your patio or balcony that you want to protect from any late frosts, you can simply cover them up in the standard bubble wrap that you'd use to wrap parcels. This creates a layer of insulation that keeps the plants protected from the cold weather and results in a bright and colourful garden.

Grab a Beer

It might not be the traditional use of a can of beer, but it can make a great slug and snail repellent, protecting your plants from being attacked by these small creatures. Both of them love the taste of the beer and are attracted to the smell, so you can keep them away by filling a jar with it and burying it in the soil. The slugs and snails will crawl into the beer, removing the problem, and even the cheapest of drinks will work.

Garden in the Dark

Have you ever thought about doing your gardening after dark? Well, not exactly in the complete dark, but apparently using the phases of the moon can impact on how well your plants grow. Try planting at night, as this stops any weeds that you've pulled up from sprouting, and a new moon is the best time to plant some types of vegetables, as it encourages leaf and root growth.

It might be best to attach some lighting to the stairs or balcony you've had steel fabricators build to help you see more clearly if you plan on doing a lot of gardening in the dark.

By following these simple tips or adding in a few of your own, you'll soon have a garden that you can be proud of and where you'll want to spend time relaxing in the summer months.