Four Reasons Why You Need External Spiral Stairs

Four Reasons Why You Need External Spiral Stairs

Spring is almost here, and before we know it the summer will have arrived and, hopefully, some warm and sunny weather, so now is the perfect time to get any work done on the outside of your property. If you're looking to improve access to the upper floors, an external spiral staircase can be an ideal solution, and there are a number of ways that it will benefit you and your property.

Better Access

A spiral staircase will offer a more practical solution for balconies and decking areas, as it makes better use of the available space. This enables you to have a larger landing area, as the staircase simply rotates from one of the corners, so you'll have more space for outdoor furniture and to move around in.

Improved Drainage and Lighting

An external spiral staircase is often manufactured from cast iron or another type of metal which can provide better drainage capabilities, as the treads have gaps in them to allow the water through. This design also reduces the amount of dirt, keeping the treads cleaner, and enables more sunlight to get through so natural light is not restricted. These elements make the staircase safer, as it limits any slip hazards created by the build-up of water and dirt.


Homeowners often discount spiral staircases, whether inside or outside, because they don't see them as safe for children. However, they are actually a better choice than a straight staircase where young children are concerned. Anyone who slips going up or down a spiral staircase will only fall down a few treads before landing against the balustrade, whereas with a straight set they could fall all the way to the bottom and seriously injure themselves. There is also a central column with a spiral staircase which offers additional security for people using them.


Another reason why spiral stairs are often dismissed in favour of a more traditional set is the idea that they cost significantly more than standard stairs. The design of a spiral staircase is definitely more complex, and it's best to choose a specialist supplier to ensure you're getting a professional finish, but the completed stairs will add value to your property, which will make up for any difference in the initial cost. With these stairs you will also be able to choose a unique design which complements your property and sets it apart from your neighbours.