Five Ways to Make Your Living Room Larger and Brighter

Five Ways to Make Your Living Room Larger and Brighter

Your living room is generally one of the most used areas in a property, so it's important to turn it into a space that looks inviting and comfortable. Rooms that feel too enclosed or dark will not appear attractive, and here we've put together five great ways that you can transform the space to make it feel much larger and brighter. Whatever the budget or skills you have available, there are options for your living room - from adding in a few simple cosmetic changes to making major structural improvements.

Focus on the Windows

Enhancing your windows will easily draw more natural light into a property and give you the feeling of having more space. You can make a major statement by adding in full floor-to-ceiling glazed doors on one side of the room which open out on to a balcony with glass balcony railings, or simply change the curtains or blinds so that they don't obstruct the windows during the day.

Plan an Extension Wisely

When you add an extension on to a back living area, it can often leave the inner space feeling dark and enclosed. However, you can change this by linking the two rooms together and thinking about the overall design of the new extension.

Having the right roof lights for the new room can reflect light back into the existing space, or you can fit windows in the roof to flood both the rooms with natural light. It's a good idea to remove the doors between the two rooms to stop it feeling closed off, and this will allow light to come in all the time.

Go Neutral

Paler colour palettes work best on smaller spaces and allow light to bounce more effectively off the walls. Choosing neutral colours doesn't mean that the room has to look boring or the same as everyone else's, and you can introduce more colour, textures and personality through the use of interesting accessories, including cushions, table lights, rugs and photo frames. These can also create more light, as positioning a white cushion on a dark sofa will reflect it into the room, so even the smallest accessory can be essential in the overall design of a room.

Incorporate Polished Surfaces

Glass and other polished surfaces are brilliant at reflecting light, which will amplify the space and make it appear larger. This can be achieved in a number of ways, including positioning a large mirror over the fireplace, using a gloss-style coffee table or installing glass balcony railings in an upstairs living space.

Arrange the Room Wisely

How you choose to arrange the furniture in your living room will be key to making the best use of the space and light. You shouldn't position large items of furniture in front of the windows, as this will block out light. Pay attention to the artificial sources of light as well, as these can cause a shadow effect that will make the room feel darker.