Five Ways to Give Your Home the Wow Factor

Five Ways to Give Your Home the Wow Factor

It can be easier than you think to create a feature in your property that adds a different dimension and makes it stand out from the crowd. This can be real talking point when you have visitors or give your property added value if you're looking to sell. Whatever budget you have available, there are ways that you can upgrade rooms and create that special touch that provides the wow factor.

Use Designer Lighting

Even a simple light fitting can be enough to give a room that stylish finish with an eye-catching design that creates the right mood. Changing the lighting can be enough to completely alter the atmosphere - for example, giving a living room a relaxed feel or producing a seductive ambience in the bedroom.

Lighting can be added in many different locations, providing you with a choice of styles for various occasions. You could fit a show-stopping pendant light over the dining area or install light fittings running up the side of the stairs if you're having a new staircase built by Yorkshire fabricators.

Create a Feature Wall

Wallpaper has had a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, and more homeowners are seeing the benefits of using a stunning design on one wall which produces a feature without becoming too overpowering. This makes a statement in the room and stops it becoming too plain, but it doesn't take over or make it too hard to match with the existing furnishings. The range of wallpapers available means there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Utilise the Features of Glass

Glass is often a material that is under-utilised in properties, as it can be seen as high-maintenance and easy to damage. However, if you use it in the right way, it can definitely create a feature in your home, and it easily complements a wide range of contemporary decors. A glass splashback in the kitchen will scream style, or you could speak to Yorkshire fabricators about fitting glass on the side of the stairs to really open up the hallway.

Accessorise to the Max

If your key pieces of furniture are a solid block of colour, then accessorising them in the right way can make much more of a statement. You can really go to town with the use of colours, designs and textures that will give the space a showroom finish and instantly draw your attention as you enter a room. The great thing about accessories is the cost, which allows you to change the pieces regularly to give the room a whole different look.

Think Big

If you want to give a room a feature that really stands out and says 'wow', you need to be thinking big and not be afraid to super-size the items to create the best effect. Even the smallest of elements, such as a vase, mirror or light fitting, can be over-sized slightly without it looking too big.