Five Ways to Create Different Levels in Your Garden

Five Ways to Create Different Levels in Your Garden

Whatever the size of your garden, you can add more interest to it by creating different levels that have a range of uses or incorporate various themes.


A simple flat garden can appear quite boring and doesn't help to differentiate it from others. However, even if you have a very plain garden that is all on one level, you can add subtle changes that introduce more visual features and give it a new look.


Dig Down

Digging down into your garden to create a sunken space will make the area more interesting and give you somewhere that is sheltered and captures the sun, and it would be ideal as an eating area. One important point to remember with this type of work, though, is that you'll need to have some form of drainage to prevent it becoming flooded.


Build Upwards

As well as going downwards, you can also build higher, which will give you a great space for dining and offer fantastic views. You could add a balcony on to the upstairs of your property, and there are endless design choices available to make this space your own and create a unique feature. For instance, you could choose a balcony balustrade made from glass or stainless steel or have a spiral staircase to give easy access to the garden.


Use Raised Beds

If you don't want to make any major changes to your garden but want to give the impression of lots of levels, raised beds can be the ideal option. If these are designed correctly, they will add plenty of visual appeal and provide more height in the garden, especially if you choose the right plants and shrubs to add into them.


Design a Water Feature

Adding in a water feature is a useful way of giving the appearance of a garden on many levels, as the reflection creates a sense of depth and will reflect the sky and features in the garden. In order to emphasise the pond, use small slopes running down to it, which will enhance the reflection, especially if you're looking down from a balcony balustrade.


Contemporary Rockery

You might think that rockeries are a bit passéand reminiscent of your childhood, but there are lots of ways you can add depth to your garden, as well as a contemporary feel, by positioning large stones and boulders in the right places. By using these at different heights and adding in carefully positioned plants and trees, you can create the impact of a raised section that gives more visual appeal to the garden.


Protecting the Soil

Whatever type of work you carry out in your garden to give yourself a variety of levels, it's important to look after the soil so that it gives you a beautiful space for many years to come. Always do any work during dry weather, try to limit the amount of traffic that goes over the soil and stay away from the roots of trees, as altering the level around these could damage the tree.