Five Tips to Create A Bigger Hallway

Five Tips to Create A Bigger Hallway

Your hallway is often one of the most used and seen parts of your home, but it is generally one of the smallest rooms and can become cluttered or neglected if you're not careful. Even if you don't have a very big hallway, there are features that you can employ to give the illusion of having more space.

The hall or entrance area can be seen as just the location of straight staircases or somewhere to keep your shoes and coats, but it can be so much more if you use the space efficiently. Here we've put together five top tips to make your hallway appear bigger and give it a stunning look.

Add Mirrors

We all know that positioning mirrors on the walls can make a room seem more spacious, but this isn't always used to its full potential in hallways. The mirror could be positioned up straight staircases or on the wall directly in front of the door to open up the space and reflect more light into it.

Choose Your Flooring Carefully

The flooring you use in your hallway shouldn't just be an afterthought, and this can make all the difference, particularly if you're also using the mirrored effect. Timber floors and tiles should be laid horizontally from the door to give it a wider feel. However, for very narrow spaces or where a mirror is not being used, flooring laid lengthways will elongate the area.

Use Light Colours

Using the same colour on all of the surfaces and choosing lighter shades will add height to the room and create a smooth finish. If you want to incorporate more or bolder colours, then you can bring these in through the furnishings or accessories, which will highlight your individuality and personality without making the space feel enclosed or too busy.

Use Slim Furniture

A minimalist and sleek hallway will look bigger than one that is cluttered with over-sized furniture. Choose any furniture carefully, and make sure that it adds to the space and doesn't look too bulky. You could position a slim table close to the entrance or have a stylish storage space for your shoes and bags to keep the area neat and tidy.

Add a Runner

A runner going along the length of the hallway will make it appear longer and provide a stylish finish to the room. If you choose a beautiful patterned carpet or rug, this will give the illusion that the hallway goes further into the house and will create a feature that draws visitors in. You don't have to use a carpet to give this effect - laying tiles in a pattern design within the middle of the hall and then having a plain outside edge will also work well, especially in period properties.

A more spacious-feeling hallway can make all the difference to the atmosphere of a property, particularly when people first enter. It will brighten up the entrance area and give people a warm welcome the first time they step foot inside.