Five Great Ways to Use Lighting Outside Your Property

Five Great Ways to Use Lighting Outside Your Property

Not only does exterior lighting help you and your visitors to see when approaching the house, but the right style of lighting can also make a feature of the property and create a different atmosphere. There are lots of ways that you can use lighting at the front of your property, depending on the purpose and the type of ambience you want to create, so here we've put together a few creative ideas to offer some inspiration.

Lights on Either Side

Positioning two light fittings on both sides of your door is a traditional way of framing the entrance, and it is a simple method of creating the right effect. You don't need to have anything too bright to provide enough illumination, and you don't want to go too far or you could end up dazzling your guests.

Use the Steps

If you have stairs leading up to a door, then this is an ideal way to create more light by having small fittings installed into the steps themselves. In this way you will avoid any accidents by lighting up the steps, and it also provides a subtle form of illumination.

Create a Path

If you have a fence or wrought iron railing running down the side of a path, it can be the perfect place to position different types of lighting that will form a runway to the house. There are many styles that would work in this instance, such as lanterns hanging from the railings or strong lights draped along to create a relaxed effect.

Match the Style

Whatever type of illumination you want to end up with, it's important to choose a style of fitting that suits the property. For example, if you have a contemporary home, this would suit a minimalist design that is discreet and doesn't intrude on the overall style, whereas a traditional Georgian property with a wrought iron railing would be able to accommodate large lanterns that make a statement.

Follow Your Interior Decor

It's also helpful if your style of lighting matches the type of interior decor that you have, in order to give the property a more flowing look. So if your design style inside has a vintage slant, you should be looking at light fittings that match this, such as enamelware and decorative steel, as this will complement the rest of the property.