Five Great Ideas for Outdoor Storage

Five Great Ideas for Outdoor Storage

With more of us spending a considerable amount of time outdoors in order to relax and enjoy some family time or for entertaining, it's useful to have some good storage solutions that you can implement to keep the space tidy and clutter-free. You might not realise how much storage you'll actually need in your garden or on your decking area, but the more space you have to keep toys, soft furnishings and tools tidied away, the easier it will be to use the space.

Bring out a Table

An old-style table, with drawers and shelves, can be really useful outside, and it's a great way to re-purpose furniture that might be past its best and not useful inside anymore. If you have green fingers, these are fantastic as potting tables, or you could use it for storing outdoor utensils so that they're easy to get to.

Create Hidden Storage

Building storage units into your furniture reduces the amount of space that you require, so it's ideal for smaller gardens or balconies, where you want to put things away when they're not being used. For instance, you could build a bench or seating area that has lift-up seats with storage space underneath, allowing everything to be kept out of sight and safe from the elements.

Stand-up Storage

Even if you don't have enough space for a garden shed there are plenty of ways that you can store your garden tools to keep them tidy. One really simple approach is to place metal pipes into concrete in the ground to keep them steady, and you can then use these to store forks, rakes, brooms and other tools neatly.

Go Upwards

If you don't have the space at ground level for lots of storage, you could use any wall area or even your balcony railing as a way to store items or display your plants. Small pots attached to the wall or railing could be used to keep children's toys or your garden tools off the floor, giving you more usable space.

Create Your Own

There are lots of different storage solutions on the market, but if you still can't find something that suits your needs, there's nothing stopping you from creating your own bespoke unit. You can even have a style that you'd use inside, such as a unit that consists of shelves, drawers and cupboards, giving you space for everything.