Five Creative Ways to Make Use of a Landing

Five Creative Ways to Make Use of a Landing

Many homeowners don't make enough use of their upstairs landing, and it simply ends up being a waste of space or used as a dumping ground for bits and pieces. However, with a bit of thought you can soon turn it into something far more useful that will add value to your property.


Give Yourself Some Office Space

More of us are now working from home for some of the time, and a small space on the landing could easily be turned into a cosy office area.


Choose a space by a window to gain maximum natural light, and add in some practical storage features along the walls for books, papers or a printer. If you want to bring more of the outside in, you could fit a Juliette balcony on the exterior of the property, and when you're choosing a balustrade stainless steel with glass panels will open up the space and stop the light from being blocked.


Create a Practical Window Seat

Window seats are ideal for giving you a little reading nook where you can curl up with a good book or simply relax and watch the world go by. A customised bench will fit into the space exactly, and you can build in underneath storage to create a practical as well as functional area.


If you're lucky enough to have some space outside, you could install a small balcony that can be accessed via the window to give you an exterior seating area as well, and for a balustrade stainless steel provides a stylish finish. Adding in some colourful soft furnishings will really brighten up the landing area and make it feel welcoming.


A Little Art Gallery

In modern properties landings can be fairly bland spaces, but period homes often have quirkier features that add character, and these can be used to make more of the space. For example, if you have some little ledges or shelves, you can display artwork or family photos on these, which will give you something to look at as you walk past.


Add in Storage Space

Even if you only want to use your landing as a storage area, this doesn't have to mean that it looks cluttered and untidy. If you think more creatively, you can make the most of the space and design a stylish feature that gives you more capabilities to store items and becomes a characteristic of the landing rather than an eyesore. For instance, consider fitting shelves right up to the ceiling in an alcove, or stack decorative storage boxes to create a focal point.


An Indoor Garden

If your property doesn't have a large amount of outdoor space, then you could use an area at the top of the stairs as a little indoor garden, which will create a colourful feature and give the space more of an outside feel. This could be achieved by hanging containers from the ceiling or positioning tubs on window ledges to make the most of the natural light.