Finishing Touches Balcony

Finishing Touches Balcony

With a balcony, customers want to feel like they're getting a unique product that makes their property stand out from their neighbours. The basic structure might be the same as those in other properties, but it's how you finish the balcony off that adds uniqueness to it. By combining a range of different materials for the balustrades and hand rails, you can create a one-off piece.

Steel Balustrades

Traditionally, wrought iron fencing was used to create balustrades on balconies. However, today they are generally manufactured from mild steel instead. With fewer companies supplying the iron, fabricators required a more cost-effective solution to customers' demands. Mild steel is considerably cheaper, producing a high-quality finish for the customer at a much lower cost. This product is also easy to use and shape, allowing elaborate designs to be created. These balustrades add a stunning finishing touch to any balcony, with the ability to create a design that would suit any style of property. These balustrades not only provide a feeling of elegance, but they are also a practical choice.

Glass Balustrades

Glass can provide a great finish for balconies, allowing you to have stunning views across the landscape. However, there are definite safety implications when using glass, which is why installations use toughened and laminated safety glass. This is safer as it's manufactured to shatter into cubes rather than shards. If your balcony is to be overlooked or you need to overcome any planning issues, you could use privacy glass.

Create Different Effects

Timber has long been a popular choice for balcony handrails due to its superior finish. However, this material does have practical issues, including maintenance and durability. Mild steel could be a more sensible option, but it doesn't always have the look that customers want. This issue can be avoided by power coating the mild steel. By doing so, the handrails can be matched to any specifications and can complement existing features of the property. They can be coated in metallic paint to replicate stainless steel or have a wood effect put on. These avoid any of the concerns of using timber, stainless steel or other materials, but still provide the customer with the finish they wanted to achieve.

The options for your balcony design are endless and this really gives you the opportunity to put your own mark on it by creating something personal and unique.