Exterior Staircases Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Exterior Staircases Can Enhance Your Outdoor Space

If you want to create a real impact with the exterior space around your property, then installing an exterior spiral staircase can achieve this. It doesn’t require a large amount of space and also provides practical advantages. For those homeowners who enjoy entertaining, this will only add to the space you have available.

Give Your Property the Edge

Exterior staircases of any type can look impressive and create a point of difference in a property. However, spiral staircases can give it the wow factor, as they appear to be extremely complex to design and install. They are not the easiest of exterior staircases to fit, but if you choose an experienced supplier they will be able to assess your requirements and select the most appropriate solution.

With spiral staircases you can adapt the style and design to suit your property and existing decor. Stainless steel is always a popular choice for exterior stairs. It is very low-maintenance, so you can spend time enjoying your outdoor space rather than having to take care of the fittings. This material can be used in a number of different ways across the stairs, handrails and balustrades, so you can still achieve a unique look. It can also be treated to create a range of different effects and colours, including providing it with a timber appearance. This gives you a classic wood look but without the problems caused by damp and rot.

Enhance Your Living Space

Being able to access the balcony or raised deck from outside provides you with a number of benefits. It is a great solution for families, who can keep an eye on their children and get to them easily via the stairs. This also makes it quicker and easier to take items out to the garden, especially if you don’t have any other access from the rear of the property. An exterior spiral staircase means that you don’t need to have everyone going through the house with dirty shoes. They can simply go straight round the back and get up to the balcony from the stairs.

Create the Perfect Space for Entertaining

Balconies and raised decks can be the perfect place for entertaining. For those property owners who enjoy having people round for drinks or dinner, adding a set of exterior stairs will only enhance this space. It instantly makes the outdoor area appear bigger, as visitors can easily get to the lower floor as well. With the use of lighting and patio heaters, this could be a space that you use all year round. You can run the decorations throughout the whole garden by incorporating them on to the staircase as well. This will create a path for visitors to follow and will provide a more integrated space.

An exterior staircase could be just what you’re looking for to add that next level to your property. They don’t just add to your home visually - they also enhance the space you have available and offer practical advantages.