Exactly What You Want

Exactly What You Want

There's no point spending large amounts of money on the interior design of an office if you're going to skimp on some of the finishes. With a purpose-built staircase you'll be able to achieve precisely the look and finish that you want, without having to compromise on any elements.

Whatever space you have available, it won't be an issue when you employ the services of a specialist company. They'll take the exact measurements and work with you to find a solution that appeals and fits into the space. There could be issues such as a narrow space, an irregular layout or shape, a steep incline or access to a mezzanine level, but there'll still be a design that works.

It's important with office design that everything complements each other. Therefore, having your staircase designed will ensure that it fits in with the overall style, whether you're looking for something traditional, contemporary or industrial. You might specify a steel custom built staircase which includes design features such as timber handrails or a glass balustrade. Basically, with a custom-built set of stairs there's no limit to what can be achieved.

Some stairs are used more heavily than others and this can be taken into consideration by the manufacturer's design team. You might want some for use as a fire escape, where practicality and safety are more important. Alternatively, your specifications might be for a stunning set of reception stairs that are used frequently by employees and visitors. All these elements can be incorporated into the final design.

Maintaining Safety

One of the most important aspects of staircase design and installation is the safety of the users. By having yours professionally installed, you'll have peace of mind that they comply with all the relevant building regulations and safety standards. This will include all aspects, from the main construction through to the handrails and steps.

If you employ the services of a company that designs, fabricates and installs the staircase, there'll be no issues with the installation. You won't have to find different companies to complete the process and the stairs can be installed more quickly and efficiently. It will also be easier to carry out any repairs that become necessary in the future. If you return to the same company, they'll be able to match the exact materials and design, ensuring that it blends in with the existing structure.

If you want to create a staircase in your office that gives you the wow factor, or you just want a simpler design that works in your available space, choosing a custom-built product will provide you with much greater flexibility. You can benefit from precise measurements and a smooth installation process, providing you with a finished design that's exactly what you wanted.