Ensuring the Safe Use of Automatic Gates and Barriers

Ensuring the Safe Use of Automatic Gates and Barriers

Automatic gates and barriers offer a number of benefits for businesses and other commercial premises. However, it’s important to ensure that the equipment is safe to use, both after installation and during its lifetime. An unsafe piece of machinery can cause injuries and even fatalities if it continues to be operated.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

Before any type of machinery is installed, it’s important to carry out a risk assessment. This should reduce the chance of anything happening by highlighting the problems that could occur and developing ways of avoiding this scenario. It will look at how likely an accident is and the extent of the damage that could be caused.

If you are considering having barrier gates fitted, you should examine how they will be used and the risk of them being operated incorrectly. This will take into account the location of the barrier and who will be in charge of operating it. For example, will this be a manned gate or will it be operated by those coming in and out of the facility? The risk assessment should examine how the gate will move and where the controls will be situated. You should consider the possibility of someone being able to access the controls who doesn’t understand what they are doing.

During a risk assessment, you will also need to look at the ability of the gates to work safely in specific weather conditions. This should include whether they can be used after heavy snowfall or if strong winds could affect the ability to use the gates safely.

If certain risks are identified and then subsequent work is carried out to reduce the risk, the assessment process should be completed again. This will ensure that the problem no longer poses a concern.

Regular Maintenance

Once the barrier gates have been installed, you will need to have regular maintenance, servicing and repairs carried out. A problem with the gates could make them unsafe to operate, but a regular servicing schedule should reduce the risk of any major problems occurring. Any issues that are found should be dealt with as soon as possible, especially if they pose a risk to gate operators or the general public.

Gates and barriers are an extremely secure method of protecting a business. However, used incorrectly or in an unsafe condition, they can cause dangerous and life-threatening accidents.