Easy Ways to Create a Child- and Adult-Friendly Garden

Easy Ways to Create a Child- and Adult-Friendly Garden

The arrival of children, or grandchildren, can mean the end to your beautiful flower beds and neatly cut grass, but with a few clever hacks you can still have an outside space that is tranquil and also suitable for playing on. If your garden is in danger of being taken over by balls, toys and swings, here are a few ideas for transforming the space.

Go Natural

You don't have to spend lots of money on children-friendly play equipment, and by using your creativity you can turn many natural items, including tree stumps, into great play spaces. For example, they could become a natural seating area, or children could use them as stepping stones in an obstacle course. Even your garden waste, such as large branches and twigs, could be left for the children to use when den building.

Fit Play Spaces into the Design

For homeowners who are planning a new garden design, such as the installation of a wrought iron balcony railing, this could be the perfect opportunity to add in some features specifically for the children. This could be as simple as building a sandpit into the end of the patio area or having a slide that runs along the side of the steps for a fun way to travel.

Incorporate a Grassed Area

A grassy section of the garden is ideal for children to play on and stops them hurting themselves if they want to practise their football or gymnastics. If you have borders around the edge, you should try to opt for durable and low-maintenance plants that won't get damaged too easily.

Get Adventurous

Some types of hard surface, such as a patio or decking, are great for children who like to scoot, cycle or skate, and they give them somewhere to go that is safe and enclosed. To add a fun element into the garden, why not consider creating a curved or twisted path that children can use in their games?

Create an Art Space

Children love being creative, whether they're inside or outside, and there are some simple ways that you can give them their own art space in the garden. If you have a spare wall, this can be transformed into a blank canvas with some blackboard chalk, or you can easily hang a standard blackboard on the wall or from a wrought iron balcony railing.