Download and Build Your Own Home

Download and Build Your Own Home

The future of property building could be here with the development of homes you can download and print from the internet. Fuelled by the rising cost of homes and the lack of availability, one company has taken the initiative and developed the ability to print a home using 3D printing technology. This might not become commonplace in UK towns and cities, but it is certainly an important development for the future of house building. With the use of a standard computer, those wanting to build their own home can easily access the designs and blueprints through the Wikihouse website. This enables you to create your own two storey property in a flat pack style, which could be erected within days.

Basic DIY skills

In order to build an average property, you would need to employ a qualified builder or have the necessary skills yourself. However, with the Wikihouse there is no such requirement to have an extensive knowledge of the building trade. The homes can be built by those who only have basic skills and it is put together using screws, wedges, plugs and staples.

A solid construction

This description of the property, might lead to you envisaging a flimsy frame that wouldn’t stand up to the elements. However, the reality is something completely different. The Wikihouse is a proper habitable home that is weatherproof once it’s complete. It consists of a wooden frame that can be built for under £50,000, which uses plywood that has been cut specially with a 3D printer.

Customers can browse through the different designs in order to choose one that meets their needs. There are single storey options, which can realistically be built in a day, as well as two storey versions that could include a steel staircase. When you have chosen a design, you simply produce the appropriate cutting files. All the components can then be created utilising 3D printing. These types of houses would still require planning permission.

Once the initial chassis has been built, you can add in the other elements to create your own home. This could include windows, electrics, insulation, a steel staircase and plumbing.

The company behind the Wikihouse was inspired by the problems would-be home owners face to get on the property ladder. This offers them a solution to the rising costs of property and the lack of availability in key areas.