DIY Sales Affected by People Hiring Professionals

DIY Sales Affected by People Hiring Professionals

The housing market might be on the up, but that has not necessarily helped sales of DIY products. Today’s property owners are less likely to carry out the work themselves and prefer to hire a professional. This generational shift means that many people don’t have the necessary skills to complete even the simplest of tasks, and it could impact on the market for a number of years.

The DIY market

DIY sales have not been through a period of growth since 2007, which has been largely due to the decline in the housing market. Data from Verdict shows that the sector is likely to see some growth this year. They expect an increase of 2%, which will mainly be due to inflation levels; there will only be a 0.4% rise in actual sales.

Change in Attitudes

10 years ago the housing market was near its peak, and many property owners were obsessed with doing work around their home. They were spurred on to do decoration and renovations, such as fitting steel stairs, themselves with the help of property makeover shows.

Many of today’s property owners have had to suffer a period of economic decline which has reduced the amount of money available to carry out work. This situation is now changing, but it is not having an immediate impact on the DIY market. There are now an increasing number of consumers who would rather pay a professional to do the work.

This generation have fewer DIY skills and don’t want to spend the time learning them. Many were not involved in helping their family do work around the house and moved into new-build properties that required very little maintenance. They now find it quicker and easier to get help in and have the finances available to do so. Modern society is increasingly hectic, and people don’t seem to want to spend their spare time doing DIY and improving their property.

Learning Skills

However, learning the necessary skills to do some DIY can be beneficial. It not only saves you money, but it can sometimes be quicker to do the simper tasks yourself. Research courses available in your area or speak to staff in your local store for advice.

Having this knowledge will make it easier to understand what you can do, such as carrying out simple repairs, and what really needs professional help, including installing steel stairs.