DIY Differences Between Generations

DIY Differences Between Generations

A new survey has found that there are significant differences between the generations when it comes to engaging in DIY. Whereas the older generation are far more inclined to understand the problem, those under 35 generally need help from their parents. With the costs associated with DIY disasters increasing, it?s important to know what you?re doing and be aware of your limits.

Ask Dad

The survey for found that over a third of those under 35 would happily call their dad instead of attempting to solve a DIY problem first. This tendency to ask for help before they?ve even looked into how to fix an issue means that their DIY skills have become limited. The research highlighted that 70% of those in this age bracket would even have to ask for help to switch off the water if there was an emergency. However, this was the case for only 20% of people over 55.

It also found that 75% of those under the age of 35 were unable to bleed radiators or put a new fuse into a plug. Less than 33% of homeowners in this age group could explain something as simple as a stopcock, but over 80% of those 55 and over knew exactly what one was.

Speaking to Tradesmen

In some cases it?s necessary to get professional help for a job, whether it?s plumbing in a new bathroom or installing glass balcony balustrades. The research showed that older home owners found it easier to converse with tradesmen than the younger generation. They are more inclined to get a number of quotes for the work they need doing, rather than just choosing the first one they find. By doing so, they are at less risk of encountering a rogue trader or having to pay more than is necessary for the work. This generation are also more fluent in the language used by tradesmen, meaning that they can discuss the work they require in greater detail and there will be no confusion over what needs doing.

DIY Disasters Can Cost You Dearly

Understanding a little bit about DIY and property maintenance doesn?t just make life easier, but it could also make it cheaper. In 2013, Halifax Home Insurance had more than 32,000 claims for accidental damage to property. Often these have been caused by DIY problems, covering everything from knocking over paint to drilling into a pipe. A report by the financial services provider highlights that 5% of property owners had caused damage to their home because of a DIY project that had gone wrong.

There are some elements of property maintenance and building work, such as fitting glass balcony balustrades, which will always be out of the scope of most people. Whilst it?s good to know your limits, you should also find the time to educate yourself about the simple tasks. This could not only save you time and money, but in an emergency situation it could help prevent further damage to your property.