Different Regions Face Different Housing Problems

Different Regions Face Different Housing Problems

The issues facing the housing industry are not the same across the country. Individual regions have problems that are specific to their area, and these need addressing directly rather than just looking at increasing the number of homes that we're building. In a recent report, Citizens Advice called for a wide-ranging debate on the challenges in the housing market across England and Wales.

The report published by Citizens Advice highlighted the issues facing both those who already own a property and those who want to get on the housing ladder. In some parts of the country, the major challenge is the lack of smaller properties on the market. This is impacting on younger buyers who are looking for their first home as well as older people who are considering downsizing.

Other problems that the report raised include the level of mortgage debt that some households have and the increase in rent levels. Both of these are affecting the ability of buyers to save a large enough deposit to move up the ladder or buy their first property. This is resulting in families continuing to live in properties that are not suitable for their needs, either because they're too cramped or they're in the wrong area.

The report from Citizens Advice also highlighted the worries amongst homeowners about how much their property costs to maintain, the fact that the cost of living is significantly higher in rural towns and whether they can actually sell their property at the current time.

Resolving Housing Problems

Citizens Advice wants the government and those involved in the housing market to look at the challenges facing the country in a broader way. They shouldn't just be concerned with getting first-time buyers into the market, but should also look at building the right type of properties in the right areas. This will help to meet the needs of the local community rather than focussing purely on the number of homes that are built. For example, developers should assess whether the area needs large detached properties, smaller town houses with a Juliette balcony or starter homes.

Whether you're currently renting or a property owner wanting to move up or down the ladder, you will have your individual concerns over the future of the housing market. If these are better addressed by government policies, it will enable more people to have the type of home that they need.