Decorating Your Balcony on a Budget

Decorating Your Balcony on a Budget

Now that the weather's starting to improve, you'll want to make the most of your glass balcony. There are some stunning ways of decorating and furnishing your balcony, with websites and social media pages providing you with plenty of inspiration. If you're creative enough, not all of these require a large budget, so you can still brighten up your outdoor space and spend many happy summer days and evenings relaxing out there.

Get Inspired

We're not all bursting with creativity, but there is no end to the possibilities when it comes to designing your perfect balcony. If you're lacking in inspiration, then you can head online and check out some of the ideas that other people have had. There's bound to be something that you can utilise and adapt to your own style that you probably wouldn't have thought of before.

Don't Always Buy New

If you're looking to give your balcony a fresh look, it doesn't mean that you always have to buy everything new. There will be a number of items that you already have around the home or that you can pick up cheaply second-hand which will be perfect for the balcony. You can give old sofas and chairs a new lease of life with some fabric and a bit of TLC. If you have wooden furniture, this can easily be treated and repainted in a different colour, and nobody will realise it's the same piece.

Add Some Colour

It really doesn't cost much to add a few hints of colour to your glass balcony, and by doing so you can make it feel completely different. Choose some bright cushions to add to your seating area, or put a quirky rug down to divide up the space. Even a few cheery flower pots dotted around the balcony will give it a fresh look.

Go Green

While you're adding some colour with paint and fabrics, you can also choose some flowers or small trees as a cost-effective way of decorating. There are plenty of different containers that you can utilise, so you don't even have to buy new pots. For instance, you could convert a wooden pallet into a bedding area or turn a bucket you no longer use into a plant pot. If you don't have much space, you can hang planters from the railings or attach them to the walls.

Add in Some Light

Outdoor lighting is another accessory for your balcony that can be picked up relatively cheaply. It also gives your balcony an added purpose and makes it a night-time retreat as well as somewhere to enjoy the sunshine during the day. There is a range of options available to you, depending on what features on the balcony you want to accent and what you'll be using the lighting for. You could go for something as simple as a chain of fairy lights draped along the balcony railing or opt for a pair of beautiful solar wall lamps.