Declutter Your Home Ready for Summer

Declutter Your Home Ready for Summer

With the summer holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give both the interior and exterior of your home a good declutter so that it looks its best for the nice weather. It doesn't take long to organise your house and give it a refresh, and once it's finished you can spend the summer enjoying your surroundings rather than worrying about all the jobs that need doing.

Have a List

Before you delve into the clutter, it's best to write yourself a list of all the tasks you want to prioritise. Have a wander around the house and outside, writing down jobs as you go, and then decide which are the most important and what you can fit into your budget and free time.

Give the Outside a Spruce-up

Over the winter the garden and other outside areas, such as a steel balcony, are likely to have become a bit untidy, but this can easily be sorted with a clean-up. Give the lawn a cut, weed the flowerbeds, cut the hedges, tidy up any empty pots or broken toys and give the patio or decking areas a good clean.

Spring-Clean the Inside

You want your interior to reflect the sunny weather outside, so have a clear-out of any non-essential items to refresh the space. By recycling or donating things that you no longer need, you'll have a much cleaner space in which to relax.

Keep Your Bedroom as a Sanctuary

Once you head up to bed in the evening, you want to enter a space that is clutter-free and gives you the opportunity to unwind. Start by cleaning out all your heavy winter clothes - store those that you want for next year, but donate items that you haven't worn recently to give yourself more space. With an organised and tidy wardrobe, your bedroom will become a calm and relaxing oasis.

Get Ready for Outdoor Entertaining

In the summer it's great to be able to eat outside, and creating your own al fresco dining area doesn't take long. Sometimes it can be a hassle setting the table to dine in the garden or on a steel balcony, so it's useful to have storage outside for all your cutlery and dishes to ensure that everything is easy to get to.

Have All Your Summer Essentials Sorted

When we get a beautiful summer day, it's nice to just head off without too much notice, whether it's a day out, a picnic in the park or just a relaxing stroll. Keep everything that you'll need in the summer to hand, such as sunglasses, jackets, suntan lotion, hats, picnic blankets and bats and balls - this will mean you can simply grab it all quickly as you leave.

Organise Your Storage

The summer months will mean more people going in and out of the house, and it's useful to organise your entrance area with some storage units to keep everything together and prevent the space becoming cluttered.