Creating the Right Balcony Design

Creating the Right Balcony Design

The way in which we live and work is constantly changing, and this means that our housing designs and developments need to evolve to keep pace. We are increasingly living urban and busy lives, and this doesn't always lend itself to having the time or the space to create an outdoor oasis. The addition of a balcony, both to existing and new-build properties, can improve the situation, even in houses that have very little outdoor space. The design of these can give a contemporary edge to your home and boost the appeal of the property.

The Use of Space

When you're selecting the right type of balcony to install on a property, one of the most important considerations will be the practical elements of space and access. Often a full balcony isn't a feasible solution on a property due to lack of space or financial reasons. In these circumstances, a Juliette balcony can be an ideal compromise. The use of glass balustrades or metal balcony railings on a Juliette balcony can still help to open up your indoor space, even if you can't benefit from a full balcony.

Space on the ground is also a factor in the design of balconies. The use of new techniques means that a lack of space doesn't have to be an issue. Balconies can be fitted on to a building without the need for metal supports in the floor, allowing them to be installed even in compact areas.

Getting the Right Effect

It's necessary to factor in the overall look you want to achieve from a balcony when you're choosing the design and finish. There are a variety of different techniques and materials you can utilise to create a unique look to your balcony which will work well with your particular property.

Glass balconies are often preferred by homeowners, as they provide unobstructed views and give a stylish appearance to the property. The transparency of the balcony gives a feeling of space and brings more light into the adjoining rooms.

Glass works well on contemporary homes, but it doesn't always have the same effect on period properties. Here it can look out of place and draw attention to the balcony rather than allowing it to blend in and become part of the house. This type of property calls for a design that is more in keeping with the surroundings. Metal balcony railings can be used to create a range of designs on older homes, from the simple to the more elaborate.

Choosing a Supplier

It's useful to have a few of your own ideas on the type and style of balcony you're looking for before you approach a supplier. However, they can also work with you to select the right style, design and materials for your home. By choosing a professional and specialist balcony manufacturer, you will be benefiting from the best level of advice and guidance as to what will work in your situation. This will enable you to have a finished balcony that complements your property and matches your requirements.