Creating the Perfect Staircase Decorations This Christmas

Creating the Perfect Staircase Decorations This Christmas

Your staircase is the perfect place to add some Christmas spirit this year, and there is a wide choice of decorations you can use. Often this is a space that is left alone when draping the house with tinsel and lights. However, by using the handrails and balustrades, there are plenty of creative ways you can make use of your spiral or straight staircases in the festive period. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or have more contemporary tastes, there are so many options for adding colour to the area around your staircase.

Just Right for Any Staircase

It doesn’t matter what type of staircase you have, as it will still make the perfect spot for decorating. You just need to choose your colour and design themes to complement the rest of the property and your other decorations. Take a look at the type of staircase you have, and decide what will work best. From a stunning timber set of stairs through to a modern glass-based staircase, decorations and Christmas lights will help you make a feature of this space.

Start with the Basics

You can make your decorations as elaborate as you want and add in a huge selection of colours. It’s good to start with a solid base garland and then work up from there by adding tinsel, baubles, lights or any other embellishments that you like. The garland can be trailed across the top of the handrail or wound round the railings, depending on the space you have available and the type of garland you use. Once this is in place, it’s time to add the other features, in keeping with your theme.

Using Other Parts of the Staircase

If you don’t want to add anything to the actual staircase, you can still make use of this area at Christmas time. The wall running up the stairs would make the perfect blank canvas for a display of wreaths or other festive pieces. There is a wide range of traditional and contemporary wreaths available to buy, and you could choose a few with the same design or opt to go for complementing styles. If you’re feeling creative, or can’t find anything that matches your requirements, you can also make your own. Simply start with some twisted twigs to make the wreath shape and then add on bits of greenery, holly, ribbons or other adornments to suit your theme.

Colours and Themes

There are a variety of different colours and themes that are used at Christmas, and you don’t have to just stick with the popular colours. Consider what would suit your home and build up an exciting and unique display of your own. Whether you’re decorating spiral or straight staircases, the traditional festive colours of greens, reds or tartans will always work well. Within a family home, the staircase also makes an excellent place for hanging everyone’s stockings.

By adding a touch of colour to your staircase this Christmas, you can bring the whole house together and really celebrate in style.