Creating More Space with a Loft Staircase

Creating More Space with a Loft Staircase

Property owners typically convert their loft into an additional living space to help gain more room in their home. This could be to create an extra bedroom or build a home office. However, the requirement to fit in a staircase can affect the layout of the lower floor. If you're looking for a staircase manufacturer for your loft stairs, what areas do you need to consider first?

The Difficulties of Loft Stairs

When you're converting a loft space, the staircase needs to conform to the required Building Regulations, and any professional staircase manufacturer will be able to ensure that this is the case. One of the issues when installing loft stairs can be the lack of space on the floor below. This can then end up encroaching on the hallway or taking up space in one of the downstairs bedrooms.

Other potential problems can arise in the loft space itself around the area where the stairs enter it. This needs to factor in the safety of people going up and down the stairs and also minimise the space that it takes up. The conversion won't add as many benefits to the property if it features an unworkable layout. Therefore, it's important that you plan the design of your staircase carefully so that you make the most effective use of the space.

Staircase Designs

There will be a number of elements that will help to determine the finished design of your loft staircase. This will include your particular preferences, the type of property you live in, the surrounding interior decoration and the budget you have available.

After you have determined what these are, you can then decide on the particular materials you want the staircase to be manufactured from, such as timber, glass and stainless steel. These can either be used in isolation or as a combination of materials to create a unique design. The important element is that the staircase itself is structurally sound.

The other important consideration is the style of the staircase. This will largely be influenced by the available space and budget, but it's also crucial to have a style that is suitable and usable. A common design for loft stairs is to have a straight set installed, but this also takes up the most amount of space on the lower floor. If you need a more compact option, you could look at a spiral set of stairs. These do have their own issues that you need to factor in, such as space to accommodate furniture and the safety of younger children. When you're deciding on the most appropriate stairs for your situation, your staircase manufacturer will be able to offer advice.

By researching the best staircase style for your property, you will achieve a better finish to your loft conversion. It will reduce the risk of discovering any issues with the final layout and mean you have an additional space that enhances the look of your home and adds to the value.