Creating Inspirational Staircases

Creating Inspirational Staircases

Whether in the home or the office, a staircase doesn't just have to have a practical function. With just a little bit of imagination, your humble staircase can become so much more.

Stairs obviously have their practical uses, enabling us to get from one floor to another. However, if you're looking to have your staircase replaced, you don't just have to stick to the basic structure and design. If you want to move away from the more traditional look of a staircase, you can create something that's more unique and in keeping with your property. Creating more of an inspirational staircase can help define a property and transform the entrance or hallway.

Appearing from Nowhere

When most people consider the structure of a staircase, they think of the usual house layout. One of the newest trends, though, is for stairs to appear as if they are actually floating in mid-air. These can create a sleek finish to a property, providing clean lines and blending in with the more contemporary and minimalist approach. The steel structural supports for the stairs are built into the wall. They are then plastered over so that the steps seem to just hang by themselves. To help create even more of an illusion of weightlessness, a glass balustrade can be fitted on the open side.

Contemporary Metal

Metal doesn't have to be confined to industrial premises. It can even be used in domestic properties without making the staircase look too cold. Metals are a flexible material and can be used to create a number of elaborate designs, making them a popular choice for staircases. You could choose to add a wrought iron railing with either a traditional or contemporary design. Metals can be used to great effect to create a Mediterranean or period feel for the property. They are strong and durable, but can still be used to achieve a homely and welcoming feel.

Combining Materials

If you want to use metal within your staircase, but are looking for a softer edge, then combining it with another material can help achieve this. A metal balustrade or wrought iron railing works particularly well with timber handrails. For those on a tighter budget, there's the option to use cheaper mild steel whilst still achieving the quality of finish you're looking for. The steel can be powder-coated in a variety of different colours and styles. This can be used to create a wooden effect, as well as a metallic stainless steel look. The benefit of using steel is that it's much more durable and is less likely to deteriorate.

Next time you look at a set of stairs, try to imagine what else could be in its place. You can have a huge amount of creative licence when it comes to designing a staircase. As long as it fulfils the basic requirements, the design and style can be up to you and your architect. Have a browse through our examples of previous work and see what you could achieve in your property.