Creating a Stylish Balcony on a Budget

Creating a Stylish Balcony on a Budget

Once you’ve invested in a balcony, you want to make the most of the additional space. However, if you start buying everything new, you could go over your budget. There are many ways, though, that you can reuse everyday household items to decorate your balcony, creating a stylish outdoor setting for less.

Give Old Furniture a New Lease of Life

If you have any furniture in your home that has broken or isn’t needed anymore, then you shouldn’t just throw it away. They can still have a number of uses, especially for planting seeds and flowers outside. A small set of drawers would make a quirky box to plant seeds in on a balcony. This could be painted to fit in with the overall colour scheme, or it could be stripped back to the original wood to give it a more natural effect.

Colourful Wellington Planters

Old wellington boots that children have grown out of can make perfect planters. You can use a variety of colours to brighten up your balcony, and it’s easy to use as many or as little as you need. You can even keep adding to them as your children grow up.

Even the Smallest Space Can Become Green

Balconies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and even if yours isn’t particularly big, there are still plenty of ways you can be green-fingered. One of the simplest is to use an old fabric shoe organiser. This can be attached to a wall and the individual pockets are a great place for creating a mini garden.

Candle Holders

Balconies offer the perfect place for entertaining friends and family on warm summer evenings. However, as the nights become darker you’ll still need some source of lighting — not only for safety, but also to create the right ambience. Rather than investing in expensive lighting, you can design your own with just a simple soup can. Take the label off and rinse out the can before you start. Then puncture small holes in the outside and place a candle at the bottom. When the candle is lit, the holes will create a pretty effect in the darkness. If you want to have a line of candle holders to hang on a balustrade stainless steel ones are the best choice.

By combining these ideas with a few items of new furniture, you could design your own unique balcony that will be the envy of all your friends.