Create an Impact in a Small Space

Create an Impact in a Small Space

Modern homes come in all shapes and sizes, which doesn't always mean you get exactly the space you want. However, even compact parts of the home can be turned into stunning features if you know the right ways to use them. If you're looking at the possibilities of an upstairs extension and don't have a large space to fit the staircase into, there are still ways you can create a real impact.

Wealth of Design Possibilities

A custom set of stairs will enable you to add that real wow factor, even if you don't think you have the space available to do so. Specialist staircase manufacturers can work with even the most challenging of environments to produce a design that looks good and works around your requirements.

This could range from a simple yet elegant design, through to a more elaborate steel spiral staircase. There are so many design possibilities available, and working together you can incorporate both the space and creative needs.

Look at the Plans

The best way to start when you're planning a new set of stairs is to look at the floor layout. This will enable you to maximise the use of the space you have and decide where the best position for the stairs would be. This includes both the lower and upper floors, as where the staircase enters a room can make all the difference to how much space you have to use.

At this point, you should consider the different style options that are open to you. Often homeowners automatically go for a traditional straight set of stairs, but these are not usually the most efficient use of space, particularly in compact situations. You could also look at how a curved helix system or a steel spiral staircase could fit into the area.

Taking time to look at all the various styles and how they will impact on your property will showcase the benefits and issues associated with them. From this you can choose the best design for your needs. This might involve a compromise on some areas, but it will provide the best use of space and design for your circumstances.

Whatever the floor area you have available for your staircase, it's important to look at all the possibilities. Working closely with a staircase designer will provide you with more creative scope, and they might suggest ideas you'd never thought about.