Create a Real Impact with Your Stairs

Create a Real Impact with Your Stairs

A staircase doesn’t have to just be a practical solution. You can use your staircase design to make a statement in your office and really impress visitors or clients. Helical stairs will definitely achieve this, and the impact of the finished piece is worth any construction issues there might be.

What Is a Helix Staircase?

A helix staircase is simply a set of curved stairs, but it differs from a spiral staircase in a number of ways. These types of stairs have a handrail on both sides rather than being built around a central structure as spiral stairs are. This means that they can be designed in any type of curved shape, instead of being restricted to a spiral motion. This can include oval and elliptical. This flexibility in the design enables them to fit into different sizes and shapes of space.

The Problems with Helix Staircases

These staircases do look extremely impressive when built, but they are also fairly complex to design, manufacture and install. If you’re considering having helical stairs fitted into your building, it’s important to use an experienced supplier who understands the requirements and will be aware of any potential issues. One of the main reasons for this is that there is no central pole with a helix staircase to support the overall structure. This needs to be taken into account when specifying the type of materials and design.

The Benefits of Helix Staircases

Even though these stairs are complex to design and build, they do provide benefits once complete. There is flexibility in how these stairs flow, meaning they can be designed around awkward or compact areas. As with spiral staircases, a helical set will take up less space than standard straight stairs. If necessary, a double-helix system can be constructed, which would enable two people to use them at the same time. These are often used for fire escapes.

Helix staircases are aesthetically pleasing and offer much more than just a set of stairs. They can be constructed using a range of design features, allowing you to create a set that is unique and complements the rest of your building. This could include glass, stainless steel or timber across the handrails, steps and balustrades.

If you want to create a great first impression, then a helix staircase will certainly do this. It can be designed with your exact specifications in mind to provide an impactful entrance area.