Create a Feature with a Spiral Staircase

Create a Feature with a Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are an excellent solution for office buildings. They are practical and save space, and they can also be manufactured in a range of different styles and designs that can help make a real statement.

Benefits of a Spiral Staircase

Modern office buildings don’t always have the space to accommodate a sloping stair design, especially where there is a steep incline involved. A spiral design, on the other hand, can even be fitted into tight spaces. This provides people with more choice over where to position the staircase, allowing it to be placed in the most convenient space rather than just where it will fit.

There is a chance with a spiral staircase to have more fun with the design compared to traditional sloping ones. They can be extremely eye-catching and incorporate a range of different materials, including steel, wood and glass.

Metal Stairs

Metal is often used for commercial staircases, as it is a strong and durable material. It is perfect for use in industrial settings. However, it can also be used to good effect in more traditional environments. The finished look will depend on the materials you use to complement or soften the metal. This could include the addition of wooden hand rails and steps or glass balustrades.

Metal spiral staircases can include textured effects on the steps, which will reduce the likelihood of people slipping on them. They can also be coloured using powder coating to either blend in with the surroundings or to stand out.

The Use of Glass

A spiral staircase can benefit from the use of glass somewhere in the design. This helps to let a great deal of light through, which is extremely beneficial in compact spaces where there is a lack of natural light. The glass can be used in combination with metal or wood to create the required look. This is a great choice in open entrance areas, as it makes the staircase aesthetically pleasing. Employees and visitors can see straight to the top, without any of the view being impeded by wood or metal.

Choosing to fit a spiral staircase could provide the building with more useable space. It doesn’t take up a substantial space within an entrance area, so visitors are able to see exactly where they need to go. Not only does a spiral staircase save space, but it is also a cost-effective measure.