Considerations When Choosing Automatic Gates for Car Parks

Considerations When Choosing Automatic Gates for Car Parks

Automatic security gates at the entrances and exits of car parks offer an ideal solution to controlling access. There are various types of car park gates that can be used, and each one will have different elements that need consideration. It's beneficial to get professional help when selecting gates for your car park, as this will ensure they meet your specific requirements.

Automatic Gates

Gates to control access to car parks can open and close using a range of mechanisms. They are usually constructed from steel and are combined with a perimeter fence for additional security.

Barrier-arm gates are a popular option for car parks. They consist of one barrier arm that will lift up to enable cars and other vehicles to enter and exit, before lowering again. Slide gates are typically used for commercial properties but can require a large degree of maintenance to keep the rollers free and working.

Swing gates are cost-effective, easy to install and require very little maintenance, but they are generally best used in domestic situations. In areas where there is very little space available, a lift gate may be installed. This raises and lowers vertically, providing a reliable and efficient system.

These are the most common gates that are used on car parks, but you might also want to consider cantilever, pivot and folding gates.


It's important to take the space and your requirements into consideration before deciding which car park gates to install. One of the areas you need to look at is the size of the entrance. Larger widths will offer more problems than compact spaces, and it will cost more to manufacture the right size of gates.

You also need to look at the positioning of the gates and how much space there is at the side. How often the gate will be used is another factor in the decision-making process. It's important to choose an appropriate model for commercial settings, as domestic gates are not designed for heavy usage.

Other factors you should look at include the opening speed you require, the construction of the gate, the safety issues and how the gate will be powered.

The best solution when choosing gates for your car park is to go for the best available model that is within your budget. Skimping on the design or quality in the beginning might lead to further costs in the future because of additional maintenance and repair bills.