Considerations When Choosing a Staircase Supplier

Considerations When Choosing a Staircase Supplier

If you’re looking to install a new staircase in your property, then it’s not just as simple as selecting from a few different styles. There is a great deal of choice available from a variety of suppliers, and choosing the right staircase manufacturer is as important as the product itself. You need to consider exactly what you’re looking for and the budget available, and then you can start researching suppliers.

Built to Order or Pre-Built

There is a great deal of difference between a staircase that is built to your exact specifications and one that is part of a kit. This is not only in terms of the finished product and how it fits into your property. It also affects the overall quality and durability. Your choice may be influenced by your budget, but it’s always best to get the highest quality you can within this. A bespoke staircase will fit precisely into the space you have available, even taking into account any awkward spaces.

Materials That Are Used

Generally, stairs have to withstand a substantial amount of usage everyday. Therefore they need to be strong and sturdy enough to maintain this over a number of years. Steel-based staircases are an excellent choice, but they do come with a slightly higher cost than wooden packages. This cost should be considered over the life of the staircase, as you’ll get a structure that will last longer. The steel can be combined with other materials, such as incorporating wooden steps or banisters, for example.

Do Your Research

This is one of the most important areas when you’re looking for a staircase manufacturer. When you first start researching suppliers, ask for recommendations from friends and family or visit review sites. It’s best to get basic quotes from a few suppliers and then ask two or three to visit your property and provide a more detailed and accurate estimate. Remember that the cheapest option is not always the right one for you, as you don’t want to employ a company that leaves when the job is only half done.

Do They Understand Building Regulations?

This is a vital area when constructing a new staircase. They need to be aware of a number of areas, including the maximum and minimum rise of the steps allowed, as well as the pitch limits. Check that they comply with these rules, and if in doubt you should look elsewhere.