Consider Your Renovation Options Carefully

Consider Your Renovation Options Carefully

With property prices continuing to increase, more homeowners are taking on renovation projects rather than moving. They see this as a way of adding space or making the property they have work for them, especially if they can't afford the next step on the housing ladder. If you're looking at going down the renovation route, you need to consider what you're doing carefully, or you could end up making an expensive mistake.

Rise in Renovations

As some homeowners can't afford to move to a larger property, they are increasingly seeing renovation as the most beneficial option. This enables you to add extra rooms with an extension or loft or garage conversion, improve the outdoor space with a balcony or add character with a Juliette balcony. Information from Dataloft has highlighted that in London the number of planning applications for renovation projects rose in the three years from 2012 to 2015 by 15%.

Think Before You Start

When you're considering having major work carried out on your property, you need to ensure that it is carried out correctly and that the option you have chosen is the right one for you. Here are some top tips to think about before you start on a project.

Plan everything carefully and make sure that you think ahead.

Don't just leave problems because you don't understand what's wrong or how it can be resolved. If you don't know what should be done to rectify a situation, then ask for help.

It's vital that you get professional help when it's necessary and don't attempt work that's beyond your knowledge and expertise. It will be cheaper and more efficient to have the work done by a professional first rather than getting them to repair work you've done yourself.

Start with the essentials instead of spending money on unnecessary areas. For instance, if your roof needs repairing, this would be more important than having an extension constructed.

Research the work you're considering having done to find advice and to make you aware of potential issues. Even if you're getting professional help, it's still useful to understand what needs to be done. This will enable you to discuss the project with the contractors and means you're less likely to be taken advantage of.

Whether you want to open up the living space with a Juliette balcony or add bedrooms in the loft space, property renovation is an ideal way of making the home you currently have work better for your family and lifestyle.