Compromise Can Result in Unhappy Buyers

Compromise Can Result in Unhappy Buyers

A new survey has found that a fifth of people are not happy when they move into a new property and feel that they have had to make a compromise. Often when people have lived in a property for a while, they feel that they like it less than when they first moved in. This can be for a number of reasons, and these aren't always apparent when you first view a property.

The research, which was carried out by AA Home Membership, found that there were a variety of issues that caused homeowners to feel unhappy with their property. 29% of those surveyed found problems with the property after they'd moved in, and the same number had issues with their neighbours. Just over a quarter (26%) said they'd moved there because they could afford it rather than because it was their dream property.

The size of the property also become an issue for some people once they'd moved in, with 25% finding the house too small. 21% of those who moved to a new home found the upkeep of it too much and hadn't anticipated the amount of work that would be required. In 13% of cases, the buyers had seen their circumstances change, so the property no longer met their needs.

The survey highlighted that over a quarter (27%) of people had had to compromise in some way when buying their latest property, whether this was related to the size or location of the house. 25% of those who had needed to compromise weren't happy about it. 19% of those who were questioned had ended up with a property that required more work than they had initially thought. Once they'd moved into the house, 18% of people felt that they didn't have enough bedrooms.

Find Your Dream Home

It can be hard to find the perfect home, such as one with wrought iron balcony railings. Even if it's available, it is not always within your price range. Due to the competitive nature of the housing market, even if you can afford the perfect home, there's no guarantee that there'll be one that suits your needs on the market or that you'll be able to secure it.

To help you avoid making mistakes, it's best to understand exactly what your priorities are. This will allow you to make compromises in the right area and hopefully end up with a property that meets your needs in most aspects.