Choosing Security Gates for Your Car Park

Choosing Security Gates for Your Car Park

Whether you’re managing an office development or a long-term parking facility, it’s important that your users feel the car park has effective security measures in place. By choosing the right type of security gates for the location and requirements, you can limit the risk of anything happening to the vehicles while they are parked there.

A secure car park will provide peace of mind for those using it that the vehicle won’t be broken into or damaged while they’re away. They are less likely to want to use an insecure car park, so it’s crucial that you examine your security measures properly and ensure they’re effective.

Problems with Lack of Security

If you don’t have adequate security in place, the vehicles within it can become a prime target for criminal activity. There is the obvious issue that the cars could be stolen, but there is also the issue of theft of items from inside them, such as satellite navigation systems, DVD players, car stereos or other valuables. Car wheels are also an easy choice for criminals, or they could cause damage to the car.

Having Effective Security

There is a wide range of measures that you can put in place to ensure that your parking facility is as secure as possible. The levels you go to will depend on the budget available and the perceived risk. However, any form of security should start with high-quality steel security gates and fencing to deter unauthorised entry and exit.

Effective security needs to be easy for authorised people to use. The gates should be quick to open and close, as otherwise users might not bother to shut them, leaving the area open for anyone to enter.

Along with being simple to operate, the gates must be as reliable as possible. Users want to be able to get in and out of the car park without any issues, so you don’t want the gates to break down mid-way through operation. This would leave the vehicles stranded inside or unable to enter.

Security gates need to be strong and durable and should be low-maintenance. This makes steel security gates the perfect option, as they are not prone to rotting or rusting and can withstand a substantial amount of force.

If you already have security installed, then you should look at it again to ensure it’s sufficient. The cost of implementing new security is minimal compared to the benefits it provides you and your users.