Choosing a New Staircase

Choosing a New Staircase

If you’re planning a new staircase, you need to look at it as not just something that allows you to get from one floor to another. They can be a real focal point in a home, and bespoke staircases enable you to design something unique and special. Before you jump into choosing a design, it’s important to consider exactly what you’re looking for.

Choosing a bespoke staircase gives you the opportunity to create something that really suits the character of the property and fits precisely into the available space. This can be anything from a simple set of stairs though to a more elaborate internal or external staircase. You can also opt for a traditional straight staircase or a curved design.

There is a range of elements you need to think about when planning a new staircase. This allows you to be as creative as you wish, and you can work alongside your supplier to discuss the best options for your home. The design can be intricate and elaborate or a simpler contemporary feature. You can start with the basic structure and then work from there, choosing the materials and design that you really want. There are a number of materials that you can incorporate into your staircase, including glass, timber and stainless steel. These can feature in the different components, such as the steps, balustrades and handrail.

Working with Your Supplier

Manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke staircases can work alongside you to choose the most appropriate structure for your property and requirements. Before you speak to a company, it’s useful to have an idea of what you’re looking for. This might need to be adapted, depending on the space available, any building restrictions and your available budget. However, it’s worthwhile starting discussions with some options in mind.

When you speak to the supplier, they can help you with the more technical areas, which are essential when building a new staircase. This includes the ideal angle of the staircase, which is especially important if you have a young family or there are elderly occupants. It’s important that the rise is not too steep, as this could cause a hazard for users. The new stairs will also need to comply with the relevant building regulations.

Choosing a bespoke staircase is the perfect way to add a point of difference to your home. There are so many options available to you, so you can really create a unique set of stairs.