Buyers Will Pay for Character Features

Buyers Will Pay for Character Features

New research shows that UK homeowners will pay extra for a property that has character features, such as original fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and high ceilings, and that they're also looking to add their own mark to a home - by installing a balcony with glass balustrades, for example.


The survey, which was carried out for, a fuel distributor, found that buyers are prepared to pay for the features that they really want in a property.


11% of those questioned saw an AGA as one of the most wanted features of a home, which they'd be prepared to pay up to £1,000 more for. Another of the most desirable elements of a property was original flooring, which 9% of respondents named, with only 3% looking for sash windows and 2% wishing for ceiling roses.


Give a Home Some Character

As well as looking to purchase a property with character features, buyers are also willing to add these to give their home more personality and show off their own unique style. 49% of those who took part in the research believed this is a way of expressing their design tastes, and 29% think it will add value.


For instance, a period property could be given additional outdoor space, along with a contemporary finish, by fitting a simple balcony leading from one of the upstairs rooms, complete with glass balustrades to make the most of the view.


Making Sacrifices

Many younger buyers regard character features as a symbol of status and luxury, and some homeowners would sacrifice space in other areas of the property for them - such as doing without a basement or conservatory.


The location of a home is also not as important to buyers as the features, and 9% of those questioned would prefer more character in a property rather than excellent transport links.


Add Your Own Personality

Whether you live in a period or a new property, there are plenty of ways you can add your own touch to a home without having to break the bank. For instance, a few pieces of well-chosen vintage furniture can add real character to a room and give it more of a lived-in feel. If you go for furniture in bold shades, then your eye will be drawn to these as opposed to the less unique items.


One of the simplest ways of showing your personality is to position some of your favourite artworks or family photos on the walls. These will make the room feel like yours straight away and give it a welcoming atmosphere for visitors, as well as remind you of all those happy memories.


A few years ago, the trend amongst homeowners was to take our period features and completely modernise properties, but they are once again seeing the value of these, both in aesthetic and monetary terms. We are likely to see this love of homes with character continue into 2017, as buyers are looking to set themselves apart from their neighbours rather than having homes that all look and feel the same.