Bungalows Increasing in Popularity

Bungalows Increasing in Popularity

Bungalows have long been seen by many home owners as an old-fashioned way of living. They are often derided for only having one storey and, as such, very few new bungalows are now built. However, could that be set to change now that their popularity is growing once again, and are there ways you can improve the space to create the perfect home?

A new survey for Alliance and Leicester found that only 2% of the homes in this country are bungalows. This isn’t necessarily because they’re not a popular option; one third of people actually have dreams of buying one. Even the younger generation are seeing the fascination with single-storey living, with 47% of those aged between 16 and 19 years of age seeing the benefits of a home with no stairs.

Helping with the Housing Shortage

Over the years, as developers have been encouraged to build as many homes as possible and land has become more expensive, the number of bungalows being built has dropped dramatically. There were only 300 built in 2009, which is not enough to satisfy the demand.

Increasing the availability of bungalows could be a way of resolving the housing problem. As property owners become older, they do not always want to move to an apartment or retirement complex. Many simply stay in their own homes, as there are no suitable alternatives. If there were more bungalows available, older people would be able to downsize and free up family homes for the next generation of home owners.

Investing in a Bungalow

Buying your own bungalow could be a good investment. They often come with larger plots of land than modern properties, providing the potential to extend and plenty of garden opportunities. With all the living space on one floor, it’s easier to make use of the rooms in a way that suits your lifestyle. You could choose to have the living or dining area at the back of the house and have French windows opening on to a decking area.

Often a worry with bungalows is that they are more at risk of being burgled, as there is easier access to the property. If you choose the right security options, such as metal security gates, there is no reason why you should be more of a target. You could fence off the driveway with an entrance gate to prevent easy access to the property. If required, you could have further metal security gates sectioning off the rear of the home to increase security. These gates can be powder-coated in a range of colours or effects which will complement the rest of the property.

If you’re looking for a home with extension opportunities, then a bungalow works well. There is often the space available to extend outwards, as well as the potential to go into the loft or add an additional storey. With an increasing demand for land for new homes, a bungalow could give you both the space and privacy youve been looking for