Bringing More Light into Your Home

Bringing More Light into Your Home

Dark and gloomy rooms can make you feel miserable, and they don't create a homely atmosphere. However, just because a room is small or lacking in natural light, it doesn't have to be dingy. There are some simple tactics that you can employ to open up your rooms and let more light in.

Increasing the amount of natural light that is available in a room will not just brighten up the area, but it could also make you feel better. Research by a team at the University of Toronto found that brighter environments produce more intense emotions, and they also help us to feel more optimistic.

Get Creative

If you have a small room or an area that is lacking in natural light, then you need to be creative with the choices of artificial light. As well as the obvious ceiling, floor and table lamps, you can also incorporate low-level lighting. This could be situated under cabinets or built into the floor and allows light to get into every area of the room and reduce the problem of dark corners.

Make the Most of Windows

Windows are an important element of any room, but sometimes homeowners don't make as much of them as they could. Don't be tempted to hide them away behind dark and heavy curtains, as this will reduce the amount of light that is able to come in. Instead, you should have curtains or blinds opened fully and away from the windows.

Another way of utilising this space is to have floor-to-ceiling windows fitted, which will draw more natural light into the room. You could also have patio doors installed, which could be opened up on to a balcony with a wrought iron railing.

Create Open-Plan Areas

Knocking down walls is not a particularly straightforward process, but if you're looking to carry out extensive renovation work on your property, then this could help you make better use of the space available. You could create a large open-plan kitchen and dining area or have a family living space where everyone can socialise together. These larger spaces will enable the natural light to flow better through the property and minimise the impact of small and dark rooms.

Whatever the style of your property, there's no need to suffer from dark spaces. There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate light into your home, whether you have a small or a large budget.