Bradfabs Tips for Bringing the Office Home

Bradfabs Tips for Bringing the Office Home

Working from home is, for many, more than a physical change of scenery. Remaining productive and motivated to work your 9 to 5 whilst only being 10 metres away from your bedroom and 1 metre away from the sofa can prove particularly difficult for those familiar with the boundaries of an office.

In today’s blog, we want to share our top working at home tips from the experts in designing and installing bespoke steel fittings.



It’s no surprise that establishing a home working atmosphere requires a particular type of self discipline. The first step is establishing boundaries that with a little work, grow into dedications and eventually habits that make remaining productive at home, effortless.

The most accessible change you can make is your environment. Take your workspace out of your dedicated relaxing areas and set up a desk. Make sure your office space is free from distractions but not free from open features.

Remaining stagnant in a room will damage anyone’s productivity, so opening windows and letting the fresh air in is the perfect way to negate feelings of being too shut in. If you have floor to ceiling windows or large doors, why not consider decorating your view with a bespoke balconette?

Our balconettes are the perfect compliment to your view and can be constructed from flat bar, tubular mild and stainless steel.


Try, Try and Try Again…

An important consideration to being a successful homeworker is developing a routine. Getting into a new routine is difficult for everyone but adopting the try, try and try again method of repetitive efforts will mean that taxing and unfamiliar tasks will slowly come organically to you.

Small changes to your homelife, like getting dressed for work and adopting daily rituals, will seem strange at first but will eventually become organic to your work week. 

Ensuring your attire reflects your work ethic and remaining faithful to daily walks, exercises or schedule of cleaning are small changes that can transform your dedication to productivity.


Why Bradfabs?

Of course, the most important effort you can make while working from home in these unprecedented times is ensuring you’re remaining home and safe.

If spending more time in your home is making you wonder how you could broaden your horizons and expand your space, explore our range of bespoke steel fittings - designed to fit your home and requirements.

With three decades of experience in the industry, trust our in-house team of experts to design and fit a variety of beautifully crafted steel home additions that offer stylish practical solutions.


To view the full range of services that we offer, please contact a member of our team today on 01274 400 401 and find out how we could help you redesign your space.